About Harrogate Brasserie

a 27 year history

About Harrogate Brasserie

The Harrogate Brasserie was established in 1990 by Richard Finney who, alongside a highly experienced team, has run the restaurant/hotel business from its Cheltenham Parade address for the past 27 years.

Earlier this year something a little unusual happened in Harrogate, in that a traditional Yorkshire brewery bought this rather ‘French’ restaurant & bar.

An odd pairing some might think but in reality it was the perfect match, both Timothy Taylor’s and the Brasserie are long established family run businesses, with individuality, ethos and values in common. For some time Timothy Taylor’s had been eyeing up the ideal location to showcase their ales, and more, to locals and tourists. Naturally a venue such as the ‘Brasserie’ with its unique personality fitted the bill perfectly and Taylor’s jumped at the opportunity.

Taylor’s had done their research and discovered the origin of the French word ‘Brasserie’ stems from the fact that beer was brewed on the premises rather than brought in; thus a French inn would brew its own beer as well as supply food and invariably accommodation. For a traditional company such a Taylor’s, it seemed the perfect fit and Harrogate Brasserie was welcomed into the ‘family’.

Tim Dewey, Chief Executive of Timothy Taylor’s, comments: “We were looking for a high profile venue in Harrogate that would give us a presence in the town and that would complement the loyal and long-standing traditional pub stockists that we have in Harrogate. We feel that the Harrogate Brasserie offers us a quality solution to this challenge and we look forward to working with Richard Finney’s team to build on and enhance the excellent tradition that they have established in the Brasserie.”

Richard Finney added his own thoughts “I was delighted to sell Harrogate Brasserie to Timothy Taylor’s – a family business like my own that shares similar values. I wish them all the best for the future and am delighted that guests and visitors will be able to sample their fine range of quality ales. I am sure I will be popping in for a pint or two!’

The Harrogate Brasserie offers great food, fine wines, regular live music and now under new Timothy Taylor’s ownership a superb range of fine traditional ales.

Inside you’ll find a bustling Parisian inspired decor. Black & white photos of classic film stars and renowned jazz musicians adorn the walls, dotted with unusual focal pieces collected over the Brasserie’s 25 year history. Wrap this all up a in relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the hands-on team in the bar, restaurant and kitchen create a very welcoming evening or stay.

Once you’ve experience the buzz of the restaurant, bar and terrace or the smooth sounds of the live music nights, you’ll want to come back again and again.

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